Anne Frank resources

Anne Frank House in Amsterdam (and others) have produced many resources

about the Anne Frank story. Some of these are for you to explore for yourself and

others are for teachers to use in developing their lessons.

For you to explore yourself

Secret Annex online

A 3D experience of wandering through the hiding place of the Frank family

and you can see a short video of the Anne Frank story.

The Anne Frank timeline

An interactive display covering the events over the period 1910 to 2010

relevant to the Anne Frank story.

Anne Frank the Writer

This animated website explores Anne Frank's abilities as a writer.

The Anne Frank tree

An interactive monument to Anne Frank where you can add your own

personal leaf to a tree.

Another Anne Frank timeline

An interactive display telling the Anne Frank story.

A country timeline compared with Anne Frank

An extensive timeline tracing Anne Frank events alongside Second World

War events in Great Britain and Internationally.

Apps for your mobile phone (Anne's Amsterdam)

With this App you can collect thirty items in various locations in the city

    of Amsterdam, such as places where Anne and her friends played, where

    they grew up and where they went to school. You will see personal

    stories, footage and unique war photos from the past as you are on today’s

    street. It is a powerful way in which the past and present come together.
    Anne’s Amsterdam is available for download in Dutch, English and German


Give! (March 26, 1944)

"Do any of those people in their warm and cosy living rooms have any idea what kind of life a beggar leads?"

"Do any of those "good" and "kind" people ever wonder about the lives of so many of the children and adults around them? Granted, everyone has given a coin to a beggar at some time or another, though they usually just shove it into his hand and slam the door.  And in most cases the generous donors think it's disgusting to touch that hand!  Am I right or not?  Then, afterwards, people are amazed that beggars are so shameless! Wouldn't you be shameless too if you were treated more like a dog than a human being?" [More...]

For you to teach others

Teacher’s guide for elementary school pupils (age 11/12)

A guide from Anne Frank House which supports the interactive Secret


Teacher’s guide for High School pupils (age 13 and over)

         A guide from Anne Frank House which supports the interactive Secret Annex

         for older pupils.

Pupils’ questions

Frequent questions from pupils with suggested answers.

Teaching tips

Tips from Anne Frank House on teaching about Anne Frank.

Teacher’s manual for introductory lesson on Anne Frank

The pupils will learn

- To use historical sources and place them in chronological order.
- The characteristic aspects of the following periods in history; World War 2 and the Holocaust.
- Who the important people and events were in this particular period in Anne Frank’s life and relate them to other relevant examples in world history

     Anne Frank introductory lesson for the digital blackboard

How to use the digital blackboard to tell the Anne Frank story.


Anne Frank citizenship lesson plans from the UK (Anne Frank Trust UK)

Resources and lesson plans from the Anne Frank Trust in the UK.

Anne Frank interviews and FAQs (Anne Frank Trust UK)

Further resources from the Anne Frank Trust in the UK.

Anne Frank Quiz (used in UK combined with BBC programme)

A quiz which was used in the UK in conjunction with a BBC programme.