Worldwide links

There is an enormous amount of information on the internet covering the horrific events of the Holocaust. As a help to researchers and the general public we have catalogued below those sites which we feel are essential reading if you wish to obtain a complete picture of the Holocaust (and human rights issues). We do not claim that the list is exhaustive; this is merely our choice. If you consider that we have not included a site which should be listed, then please write to us via our Contact us page.





United Nations One of the best and most extensive websites covering Holocaust issues
I survived A very visual site developed as a remembrance project
International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Leads international co-operation on Holocaust remembrance and education
The Nizkor Project An eclectic collection of Holocaust information
Claims conference Dedicated to providing justice for Jewish victims
Holocaust Memorials Memorials and monuments database
UNESCO Intergovernmental website promoting human rights
The Holocaust Project A site which collects general data on the Holocaust and with a comprehensive timeline of events
World Holocaust Forum Dedicated to preservation of the Holocaust memory and co-ordinating educational projects

Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe

The world's largest security organisation but involved in human rights issues
EU Agency for Fundamental Rights Agency dedicated to the fundamental rights of citizens in the European Union
AEPJ Preservation and promotion of Jewish culture and heritage
Centropa A unique oral history project of the Holocaust with an impressive digital database of images
European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation Promotes racial tolerance and fights discrimination
European Network Against Racism Network of organisations combatting racism across Europe
CEJI A Jewish contribution to an inclusive Europe
International Tracing Service A website funded by the German Government existing to help trace Holocaust victims
Jews in Eastern Europe A recent and impressive initiative to collate the experience of Jews in Eastern Europe
Judaica Europeana A digital project to preserve Jewish culture and heritage in Europe
European Holocaust Research Infrastructure A new archive project which will bring togather Holocaust resources
European Shoa Legacy Institute A Czech initiative to focus on restitution and compensation and related projects
United Kingdom
Holocaust Education Development Programme An impressive programme to change and improve teaching about the Holocaust
The Wiener Library The World's oldest Holocaust Memorial institution has a large collection of well-presented materials
Holocaust Educational Trust Working to educate young people about the lessons to be learned from the Holocaust
Holocaust Memorial Day Trust UK Government sponsored organisation focusing on 27 January memorial but with useful more general resources
The Holocaust Centre A visitor centre which focuses upon the education of young people
The Holocaust Explained A valuable website which addresses the needs of pupils in understanding the Holocaust
"Elie Wiesel" National Institute The main website in Romania covering Holocaust issues run by the leading research body
Romanian Institute for Recent History An Institute with a much broader remit than the Holocaust but nevertheless of interest
History Speaks A section of an international site dealing with the atrocities in Iasi
Jewish Virtual Library - Romania A site which puts the Holocaust in the historical context
The Romanian Jewish Community Covers many aspects of Jewish life including a study of the Holocaust in Romania
Survivors Romania An Association of Holocaust Survivors website which concentrates upon deportations from Romania
Yad Vashem Arguably the leading website in the world documenting the Holocaust
Ghetto Fighters' House Museum Founded by Holocaust survivors it focuses upon Jewish resistance in the Holocaust and lessons for the future
United States
United States Holocaust Memorial Museum The leading resource in the United States on matters dealing with the Holocaust
JewishGen A genealogy site but with important research and database sections
The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous A website dedicated to those non-Jews who rescued Jews and which now supports those rescuers
Jewish Virtual Library The most comprehensive online Jewish encyclopaedia in the world
World Memory Project A partnership between, the USHMM and the public to build the largest archive of victims and survivors of Nazi persecution
Voice Vision Oral history archive

USC Shoah Foundation Institute Using visual history testimonies to fight prejudice, intolerance and bigotry
Facing History and Ourselves Guidance and resources for teachers and schools worldwide A wealth of Holocaust information
Georgia Commission on the Holocaust An interesting array of resources/projects created for use in the State of Georgia
New Jersey Commission on Holocaust Education A site full of resources for teachers
Memorial Library A site that concentrates upon teaching about the Holocaust in a contemporary setting
Jewish Museum of Australia A museum strong on education.
Sydney Jewish Museum Both Holocaust and Australian Jewry history with an interesting display of online artefacts
Jewish Holocaust Centre An innovative centre that has embraced technology but yet keeps in close touch with survivors
Jewish Museum of Austria A high quality museum displaying effectively all aspects of its work
Hartheim Memorial This castle was a euthenasia centre which shows its dark past and the attitudes of generations towards people with disabilities
National Fund of the Republic of Austria A valuable site for all those interested in seeing how Austria has kept alive the remembrance of Holocaust events 
National socialism and the Holocaust A site which focuses both on the historical perspective in Austria but also watches out for current abuses
Salzburg Global Seminar A global think-tank which includes Holocaust and genocide issues in its remit
Novogrudek A complete history of a Jewish shtetl
Kazerne Dossin Will be an important memorial, museum and documentation centre when it opens its doors in summer 2012
Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada A Holocaust educational centre for Western Canada with an array of easily accessible resources
Montreal Holocaust Memorial Centre Important museum and archive covering the Montreal migration and human rights awareness
Neuberger Holocaust Education Centre An impressive resource in Toronto with plans for a much more extensive facility
Vancouver Holocaust Education Centre A teaching museum with a focus on education. Interesting projects showing Canada's role in Jewish migration
Women and the Holocaust An interesting and moving website
Czech Republic

Jewish Museum in Prague An innovative and active museum taking projects to neighbouring countries
Danish Institute for International Studies Holocaust and genocide research centre with a specialisation  on Danish experiences Educational website about the deportation of Danish children to the Nazi concentration camp
Memorial de la Shoah Memorial to French Jews
Le grenier de Sarah An animated journey for children illustrating what it was like to be a Jewish child in the Holocaust
Fondation de la Shoah The leading French website for research and teaching of the deportation of French Jews
House of the Wannsee Conference Sets out in stunning clarity and detail the Nazi plans for elimination of the Jewish people in Europe
Bergen-Belsen This Memorial site covers the multi-faceted history of one of Germany's most notorious camps
Degob An extensive database of testimonies. One in ten of the Holocaust victims was a Hungarian Jew.
Holocaust Memorial Center A permanent exhibition of the Holocaust in Hungary
Holocaust Education Trust Ireland The leading educational website on the Holocaust in Ireland

CDEC Foundation Covers most aspects of Jewish history in Italy, including the Holocaust
Latvian Names Project An ambitious project to account for the 70,000 Latvian Jews lost in the Holocaust
Holocaust-Lest we forget Remembering the Jewish people of the Netherlands
Anne Frank Museum The authoratative website concerning Anne Frank
Digital monument A unique digital display of the loss of the Jewish community in the Netherlands
New Zealand
Wellington Holocaust Centre Founded only in 2006 this centre is a focal point for NZ Holocaust research and education
Polish Institute of Jewish History History of the Polish Jews with particular emphasis on the Holocaust
Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and museum The museum at the site of the world's largest mass murder


Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center A vibrant Center with considerable Holocaust educational activity
South Africa
South African Holocaust & Genocide Foundation An interesting educational approach to the Holocaust and subsequent genocides