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The first Jews in Oradea were noted as far back as the end of the 15th Century, so the Jewish involvement with the city has been long and, as we shall explain, it has been distinguished.

You will find in this part of our website a History of the Jews of Oradea which focuses primarily upon how the Jewish population developed and how it made an ever-growing contribution to the life of the city, despite restrictions often being placed upon Jewish activity.

This Jewish Contribution to Oradea abounds in the city through the achievements of Jewish citizens both past and present and this part of our website attempts to collect together that evidence. The current population of the city is often not aware of that contribution and one part of our mission is to assist in that recognition.

On our Home page we illustrate a poignant event evidencing the fate of the Jews of Oradea: over time large areas of burial grounds were set aside to meet the needs of the Jewish population, but those needs dramatically changed after the awful events of 1944. However, Jewish Cemeteries preserve treasured memories and provide a concrete link to the past and that is why we have a section of our website identifying their location and condition in Oradea and the wider county of Bihor.

In order to illustrate the extent of the Jewish contribution to Oradea we are developing an Interactive map which will, over time, document the many locations which have Jewish connections in the city.

Oradea is a wonderful city with many features which are attractive to visitors from all parts of the world and undoubtedly the reputation of the city will grow as a tourist destination as the 21st century progresses. The Jewish contribution is an important one and we are producing a suggested Visitor's Tour covering a number of different interests.

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