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Contribution to Oradea


The Jewish Contribution to Oradea abounds in the city through the achievements of Jewish citizens both past and present and this part of our website attempts to collect together that evidence. The current population of the city is often not aware of that contribution and one part of our mission is to assist in that recognition.

We found it difficult to know how to organise the evidence in neat categories due to the overlap of interests (for example, people being associated with buildings) so you will find some repetition of information in our analyses.

We start with Family Albums. This section allows us to assist those families who

wish to use our pages to celebrate lives that were lost and by hosting family pictures,

documents and stories we give everyone a greater insight into Jewish life in Oradea

before the Holocaust.

One lasting testament to Jewish creativity is to be found in the numerous historic and notable Buildings of Oradea which owe their existence to Jewish funding, design or construction.

Many successful businesses were built by Jewish entrepreneurs in Oradea, providing many jobs and we document these under our Industry and commerce section.

The Arts and Sports sections illustrate the significant role that the love of artistic creation and sporting competition played in Jewish life.

Finally we applaud the efforts of the Jewish community today and its leadership which has sought to support the small remnant of Jewish society which lives now in Oradea.