Ernő Tibor

(1884 - 1945)

Asociatia Tikvah (Tikvah) was a not-for-profit Holocaust remembrance and human rights organisation. It was always a very small organisation with limited resources which depended upon their volunteers for delivering much of their activity

Oradea had been a vibrant centre of Jewish life and culture which was cruelly cut short by the Holocaust. Tikvah wanted to do as much as possible to ensure that the memories of those people and their lives were not lost for ever.

Tikvah wanted to support young people in understanding, recognising and dealing with the causes of intolerance, injustice and inhumanity. They wanted Tikvah to be a force for growing trust, friendship and a common approach to humanity

Tikvah was very active in the period 2011 to 2018. Subsequent to that date, resources were limited and then Covid put an end to most school-related activities. Volunteers sustained a presence on Facebook (and still do). In June 2023, formal steps were taken to dissolve the Association as it had become unsustainable.

It was agreed amongst volunteers that the extensive and original work of Asociatia Tikvah should not be lost and that the website should be maintained for the foreseeable future as a resource for all those interested in knowing what happened during the Holocaust in Oradea and as a remembrance for all those who suffered and died in that terrible time.

Tikvah means hope.