Museum of the History of the Jews of Oradea 

After many years of development the Museum of the History of the Jews of Oradea opened in Oradea in December 2018. It is located in what was the Primariei (Teleki) Street orthodox synagogue which was built in 1928 and which was the last synagogue to be built in Oradea.

Followers of Asociatia Tikvah may recall that we organised the first public event in the synagogue for decades after the initial repairs had made it habitable. This was on the occasion of the Holocaust Memorial Day remembrance on 27 January 2014 in the presence of the Canadian Ambassador to Romania.




Northern Transylvanian Holocaust Memorial Museum (at Simleu-Silvaniei)

We are pleased to include a section acknowledging the very positive developments in Simleu-Silvaniei through the creation of the Northern Transylvanian Holocaust Memorial Museum, under the direction of Daniel Stejeran (Director). 

After many years of hard work by many people and associated generous financial contributions the Museum opened its doors to the public in September 2005. It is not only a museum with exhibits about the Holocaust it is an educational centre and a place for holding multi-cultural events. 

We suggest that anyone in Oradea or surrounding areas who is interested in the Holocaust in Northern Transylvania should browse the Museum website.