In this part of our website we want to give as much help as we can to teachers of Human Rights or teachers who would like to include more of these issues in their teaching of other subjects, be it History or Politics or Humanities.

Introducing the subject can be one of the most difficult parts of teaching the subject as the lessons can generate significant emotional responses and there is a need to be well prepared. It is also important to assess how the teaching of the Holocaust fits into Human Rights teaching generally.

We then move on to consider the curriculums in different countries and how the teaching of the Holocaust and Human Rights fits into those different curriculums.

Asociatia Tikvah wants to work with teachers on projects and to develop new lesson plans and in Teaching projects we describe the work we have done to date in that respect.

Although other parts of our website consider the background to the Holocaust and its particular impact upon Oradea, this section gives teachers access to some of the best resources that the internet can offer for them to pick and choose for inclusion in their lesson plans.

Although many lessons were learnt from the events of World War II, it seems that mankind is incapable of taking that learning and applying it across the world. The evidence is apparent in the Other genocides which have occurred since World War II and including those which are continuing as you read these words. One of the consequences of man's inhumanity to man is the creation of RefugeesSuch people are not always made welcome and can be made scapegoats for other ills that exist in their host nation.